Marc Carniel

Marc Carniel

Born 14th September 1963, artist painter, digital foto, drawings and videomakerHalf Belgian and half Italian, Marc Carniel is a complex and controversial artist who employs is talents at the tipping point of safety and familiarity. By juxtaposing imagery of everyday situations and modern iconography in strange and unfamiliar contexts, his work aims to descontruct artificial paradigms created and portrayed throught modern day media. Beside his multiple cultural references, his technique is multilayered and complex. Paintings, photography, digital works, videos, texts, installations and music are often mixed in his projects.


Native Americans

Painting portraits of First Nations’ chiefs is above all painting a whole world, a philosophy, it is about keeping alive the story of our humanity.
Before Europeans arrived in America, the indigenous population was estimated to be between 1.2 million and 5 million. After their genocide the population was reduced to 250,000.
Not wanting to get involved in judgmental polemic, painting the Native Americans’ universe means painting history, honoring mankind in context.
Here the context is the opposition between people thanking the earth for what it gives them and people wanting to possess it, to occupy the land not belonging to them.
Painting a First Natives’ world is painting the duality between those who are and those who take, it is witnessing the tension that governs the world.
I use historical photographs to start with. These pictures have visually captured Native Americans in captivity. Despite the seeming defeat these portraits convey a nobleness, a timelessness I try to develop pictorially.

The desire to conquer territorial space was achieved with the extension of the "railroad" and to allow its progression it was necessary to use the force of arms.
Consequently I am expanding the theme to painting trains, period weaponry, buffaloes...
This pictorial theme is very contemporary. This is highlighted with the many science fiction movies where man seeks to invade other planets. From steam engines to flying saucers.
Cinematographic fiction today foretells the reality of tomorrow. The process of stealing and destroying The Earth’s resources is well engraved in human mentality.


It begins with the creation of dies in watercolor, gouache, pencils and Ecoline on paper. These matrices are scanned and become the basis for the development of creative work by computer.
High in color, this serie is first and foremost designed as “pictorial”, because it is constructed following the rules of Painting. The painter’s work finds itself through tensions and harmonies of colors, through the management of full and empty.
The transfer on an aluminum plate gives it a high gloss.
Sizes : 120x80 cm or 90x90 cm.

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