Blandine Vercruysse

Blandine Vercruysse

Born in 1969, the work of Blandine Vercruysse is anchored between abstract and figurative painting.  She is engrossed with work that depends on format, touch, composition, and color, and by these seeks to introduce a visual force into the pictorial image.  Her artwork evokes both force and fragility, and with this creates an underlying tension.

Having achieved a Master’s degree in Political Science, her studies inspired her to rethink charismatic historical figures.  In recreating portraits, the image becomes another image, and the portrait undergoes a transfer of identity through which no one recognizes  themself anymore, and that is the beginning of the adventure.

Blandine attended the Royal Academy of the Arts schools of Brussels, followed by the Art School of Braine-L'Alleud and Art & Antique dealer diploma achieved in 2017.


T. +32 478 41 14 68